Bread Themed Wood Pulp Sponge (set of four)

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These wood pulp sponges are not only eco-friendly and biodegradable, but also highly absorbent, making them an effective and sustainable cleaning solution. Their bread-themed print adds a touch of fun to your daily chores.

  • Measurements: see image for measurements
  • Material: Natural Wood Pulp Cotton
  • Craftsmanship: UV Digital Printing

How to Use:

  1. When the compressed wood pulp sponges absorb water, they quickly become soft and elastic. However, they become hardened and tough again after drying, making it difficult for bacteria to breed.
  2. The duration of wood pulp cotton is generally 1-2 months, depending on the frequency of use and the quantity of brush products. If it is rarely used and left for a long time, there is no need to strictly adhere to 2 months.
  3. The color and surface printing of the material will gradually change during the aging process. The use of hot water, excessive soaking, exposure to detergents, friction, and other situations will accelerate wear and tear.
  4. The color of the pattern will fade when wet, and the pattern will also wear and fade with use. When not in use, please hang it up to air dry and avoid soaking. When using, especially when washing hands or bathing, try to avoid rubbing the printed surface against the skin to prevent the pattern from falling off.
  5. Before the first use after receiving it, you can soak it in clean water for a few minutes to fully absorb water and make it more durable.
  6. When dried, the cotton will become harder and shrink, but it will become soft and expand again when it absorbs water. This is a physical characteristic of wood pulp cotton. The principle is that it has good water absorption. After fully absorbing water, the outer diameter will expand irregularly by about 5%-8%, and some expansion ratios may be larger.
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